What is “HABEC”

HABEC – “Health And Balance, Ensures Creativity”

It’s nothing new to say the great outdoors does wonders for the mind and soul,

Just being out walking or cycling in the woods or around a lake, or even sat by a lake almost instantly relaxes you. You then start to ease the stresses of everyday life. After all, that’s why we love the outdoors so much but we get that not everyone can get out and enjoy nature and the outdoors. Whether that be because your uncertain about going it alone or you need the extra help to get out or simply you are not able to get there due to travel issues.
This is the exact reason we have created “HABEC”.

HABEC is a service provider for outdoor activities aimed at those who may suffer with mental health challenges or have mild learning disabilities. So that they too can enjoy the outdoors in a safe and happy environment. We are offering a bespoke service to anyone that it could benefit and this is tailored to their individual requirements.

Why We chose this venture

We chose this venture as we ourselves have experienced mental health issues and learning disabilities in our live’s in numerous forms, our daughter has suffered from this from an early age and so have other family members too, I genuinely believe that we all have had this in our lives in some form or another, either a family member or family of friend’s.

We have noticed over the years how day and weekend trips, camping, walking or Fishing, and just general outdoor activities have had such a positive impact on this, it’s almost like once you venture out all the worries seem to move to the back of the mind even if it’s for a few hours here and there and that’s what counts!.