Our Activities and Prices

We are offering a number of activities this includes Walking, Hiking, Cycling and Fishing.

Together we have been searching for the best possible venues for our activities to make the time spent outdoors the best it can be and be an overall enjoyable experience and we have contacted some local venues to see what we can put in place.

We are looking to increase our activities range over the period of the next few months.


Our Pricing plan is simple, as we don’t want you to spend your time trying to work out complex prices. We have two simple options and they are below

1. £16 per hour

2. £130 for the day

a day consists of 9 hours. This include’s travel to and from the venue,
The prices are inclusive of insurance and any fees required by the venues. i.e entry to the National Trust parks, Licence, and venue fees for Fishing.

Any individuals wanting to join us on any of our activities will have a full risk assessment in place prior to coming along.

We want this to be something you look forward to, so your safety and peace of mind is our number one priority so all you have to do is …… enjoy the adventure!